Follower or Leader?

Follower or Leader?

By  Jay Lieberman

How do you make decisions every day? The mundane to the extremely important. Do you simply mirror those around you, subconsciously following the hurd? Or do you take a right instead of a left, creating your own path, leading to an unpaved road.

I heard a story the other day about a German Shepherd that was walking across a busy street and was slammed into by a car. The dog broke both of her back legs, but mustered up the strength to drag herself back to her owner’s house, some distance away.

She was also pregnant.

After a number of weeks she recovered and her legs healed. But because her leg bones were not properly set she dragged her back legs in order to get around.

She later had her puppies and they all seemed healthy. After a period of time, when they started walking, her owner noticed that they also dragged their back legs. Same as mama.

The owner was worried that maybe the puppies were also injured in the accident before they were even born. So, he took them to the vet to check it out. The doctor found nothing wrong with them. All healthy as can be.

What he did say was the puppies were mirroring the behavior of their mother. In their little puppy minds, that is how they thought dogs walked. They modeled their mother’s behavior, whether it was right or wrong. More efficient or not.

In a very bovine manner, these puppies were simply following the only thing they knew.

Think about this for a minute. Why did you buy that loaf of bread at the market the other day. Why did you choose that route to work yesterday. How did you choose your last doctor, lawyer or real estate agent.

In most cases we simply fall back on the invisible, unspoken internal pressure of the masses. Fearful of the unexpected results of diverging from the pact.

Some people just follow the masses as it is easy, no need to think about it and the risk level is low.

But, that may lead to regret when you realize later on in life that you may have never made YOUR mark on the world.


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