A Mid-Life Rant

A Mid-Life Rant

I’m Going Long On Experimentation


 Jay Lieberman – Ambassador of Change

Drink mushroom coffee. Take more vitamin D. Climb steep trails instead of breaking my knees running. Read about the Theory of Relativity. Start a massive club for impact and charity. Learn the backstory of Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek. Stop messing with the coding of my websites and screwing it up. Fire a difficult client. Spend more down time with my one-eyed dog Phoebe. Show up in Caiti’s class at school unannounced and take her to lunch.

This is the short list. Around September of last year I told myself I was going to start doing some really weird shit. Things that would make me happy, feel solitude, reduce stress, increase energy, impact others, and create memories. Things that would lead to personal and professional growth.

The list is much longer than this, but I’m pretty terrified to share it all. If you saw the rest of it you would either (A) have me committed to an insane asylum or (B) you would throw ice water on me to wake me up from a weird freakish stupor.

I believe I may be knee deep into a mid-life crisis type thing here. Crap. I knew it would come some day.

I am 46 now, so I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked. “They” told me it would come.

I don’t have a single fiber in my bones to do the mid-life cliché type stuff. Buy a Ferrari. Top down cruising on PCH in Malibu. Hit the clubs with a V-neck sweater I probably shouldn’t wearing due to billowing chest hair.

I have no interest in anything tangible that I can touch, hit, drive, or throw away.

I don’t have that bug. I don’t get excited about that stuff.

To be honest, what really gets me excited these days is the fact that I get to turn off the sprinklers in my yard for a while due to the rain. Saving water gets me more jazzed up than taking a month long vacation through the Himalayas.

My mid-life journey is focused on thinking outside my own skin. It is focused on growth, newness, facing fears, impacting and spotlighting others.

I am focused on legacy, not gratification.


ABOUT THEM – Jay & Michelle Lieberman have been called “provocative and entertaining,” but also “committed philanthropists”. Entrepreneurs and relentless innovators of the real estate industry, creators of the “Value-Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate”, founders of the Conejo Valley Teacher Only Program, hosts of the Conejo Valley Advice Givers Podcast Show, and attorneys and real estate brokers at Keller Williams World Class in Southern California. They feel honored and blessed every day they are able to serve their clients, their family, friends and their community. You can reach them at info@TeamJayMichelle.com.



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