An Open Letter To Non-Millenials

An Open Letter To Non-Millenials

We are not who you think we are

By Lisa Bennett, Team Agent

There I was, standing at the Agoura Deli counter, waiting for my Chinese Chicken Salad, on my phone pinning away on Pinterest. The woman behind the counter called my order. I did not regard her announcement because I was invested in finding the perfect holiday appetizer, housed in a pretty picture on my phone screen.

But, what I did hear from behind me was an impatient customer publicly call me a Millennial.

My initial reaction was to glare, but I opted to awkwardly laugh because why fuss over a compliment. What he saw as a criticism, I felt as a badge of honor.

I did apologize to the cashier for being on the phone by the way, but other than that, being called a Millennial didn’t faze me.

Why was he so quick to judge me? He doesn’t know me. Doesn’t actually know my age, my passions, my struggles. I could have been on the phone mutli-tasking by paying my bills, answering my emails, and telling escrow to release my client’s funds. Or I could have been creating the new big app, becoming the next Steve Jobs up in this Deli.

Nevertheless, I was judged as a young, phone staring “Millennial.”

And, he would technically be right about my age group.

What did we do to become so famous?

Well, for starters, this is what typically comes to mind if you ask any older generation about our age group, “Millennials are entitled, narcissistic, spoiled and lazy.”

Boy, do they have it all wrong.

We are quick, witty, educated, expressive and aware. Millennials love music, being creative, and care about social causes.

Millennials have the ability to think open-mindedly. To ponder ideas without fear. To take bigger risks in a non- mainstream manner. And to use an expression from a previous generation, we think outside the box.

It would be fair to say that Millennials are the first generation to have an unlimited amount of technological platforms from which we can, and do express ourselves. It’s in our nature to get creative. We are constantly thinking of iPhone apps to make our daily activities/chores easier. We can ultimately thank Nintendo 64, AIM, Disney Channel and Brick Breaker, for hyper charging our imaginations as we grew up.

I don’t see a lot of the older generations so handy in the technology department. We Millennials still have to tell them to push the big button on the phone to take a picture.

In this day and age I’m classified as a Millennial, which I actually enjoy hearing.

I never quite know for sure if it’s a positive or negative comment (like my recent deli encounter) but I like to take it as bold admiration towards us.

We are trying to make a difference in this world. We strive on trying to get as much done in the shortest amount of time, while having the desire to do well for ourselves and make positive impact on other people. We may not be writing the big checks yet, but we will get there very soon.

Coming from this self-aware Millennial woman, this is the most expressive, diverse and connected generation we’ve seen so far and I am proud to be among them.

Regardless of what you think of us, we are here to stay and we are the future.


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