The ‘SuperComputer’ Of Real Estate

The ‘SuperComputer’ Of Real Estate

Your Agent is valuing your home like it’s the 1970’s

By  Jay Lieberman

Today’s pocket calculator has more power than the computers used during the first lunar mission.

And a Smartphone today…millions of times more powerful than all of NASA’s combined computers in 1969.

Ever heard of Moore’s Law?

Gordon Moore was the co-founder of Intel. Back in 1965, he prophesized that computer processors will double in advancement every two years. While some take issue with this, they can’t argue with the facts:

‘Comparing Intel’s firstmicroprocessor in 1965 to today’s nano- processors, performance has increased 3,500 times, efficiency about 90,000 times, and price per transistor is 60,000 times lower in cost.’

Taken straight from Intel’s website, “…if the same rate of advancement is applied to the auto industry, cars today would go 300,000 mph, get over 2,000,000 mpg, and gas would be $0.04 a gallon.

The same type of thing is happening in the computer coding field. All of those 20-somethings, plugged into their headphones, slamming away on their keyboards programming the next big app.

I was reading an article the other night and it projected in just a few years, coding computers will beunnecessary and obsolete.

With the speed of advancement of Artificial Intelligence, computers will soon learn how to code themselves. On the fly.

I have a daughter in college and another just about there, and I remember just a couple of years ago when college admission folks would tell us, “Talk your kids into majoring in computer coding. It’s the wave of the future.”

Well, that career path is already toast. Moore’s Law strikes again.

This kind of thing is happening everywhere. And it isn’t reserved just to the tech-y folks.

In my field of real estate, the old, run-of-the-mill approach to selling homes, practiced by the vast majority ofagents, is stale, inefficient, risky and based on something invented like 50 years ago.

They call it the “Comparable Sales Approach.” You know…comps.

Basing the value of a home merely on what other homes have sold for.

I never understood why anyone would rely on that type of advice.

Who knows what the situation was with those past sales. Each house is like a fingerprint, unique and special in its own way.

There’s a major problem with the Comparable Sales Approach. And it’s incredibly damaging to a home sale.

Maybe the roof was caving in. Could have been structural problems we don’t know about.

Maybe they were in the middle of a divorce.

Or, they hadn’t remodeled and the house is stuck in a 70’s time warp.

Very old NASA computer style.

But, most of the industry is stuck in the 1970’s.

When was the last time you saw an agent’s picture on a postcard that doesn’t look like it was taken 25 years ago?

Get what I mean? And, most home sellers only know about this ancient comparable sales approach.

It’s not their fault – it’s all they are told about by their agents.

This reminds me of a discussion I had with a client last year. We were sitting at her dining room table and my favorite questions came up.

“What did 2929 Main Street sell for last month?”

“What did Gloria’s house around the block finally go for?”

While I had this information at my fingertips, I explained to her that it doesn’t matter.

My response to her was this, “Would you rather be limited by what someone else decided their house was worth, or decide for yourself what you think your house is worth?”

Her face went blank. After about 10 seconds she said, “I should decide.”

Of course she should.

We make sure our clients are in complete control not some sales agent with old and outdated methods.

Thirty days later we sold the home for $37,000 more than any comp in the area by our clients utilizing our Approach to selling homes. An Approach which takes the shackles off the limitations that have plagued most other home sellers.

Thankfully we saw Moore’s Law coming full steam ahead, its sites aimed right at the real estate industry.

That’s why we’ve spent a couple years researching, developing and formulating the next advancement to selling homes.

Our version of the new Smartphone.

The next more efficient processor applied to real estate.

We call it, the “Value-Driven Approach To Sell Real Estate.”

After over two years, our clients have consistently put additional profit into their pockets in much less time.

It’s the next version of Artificial Intelligence, applied to real estate.

We can’t take credit for it all. It’s our clients’ willingness to apply the steps of the Approach that creates all the benefits.

I can’t help but think now that every time we have the honor of selling a home for a client and bringing in our team of experts, it’s like adding a million more nanoprocessors to the computer mother board, increasing the Approach’s

efficiency and performance 50,000 times. Moore’s Law.

No one said it need only apply to computers.
Why not real estate? Or any other industry for that matter. They deserve the strategies of the future.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret. We’re already advancing our Approach for what the world will look like 5 years, 10 years, even 20 years down the road.

I refuse to operate in the 1970’s, like most agents.

I know our clients deserve better. They deserve the unique, the new, the advanced.

That’s what we will always give them. It’s our continued promise.

Moore said it best, “Whatever has been done, can be outdone.”

And every day we work to outdo ourselves.


ABOUT THEM – Jay & Michelle Lieberman have been called “provocative and entertaining,” but also “committed philanthropists”. Entrepreneurs and relentless innovators of the real estate industry, creators of the “Value-Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate”, founders of the Conejo Valley Teacher Only Program, hosts of the Conejo Valley Advice Givers Podcast Show, and attorneys and real estate brokers at Keller Williams World Class in Southern California. They feel honored and blessed every day they are able to serve their clients, their family, friends and their community. You can reach them at

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