The 95’ers

The 95’ers

Would you entrust the sale of your home to a game show host?


By  Jay Lieberman

BINGO!! I won…I won. Gimmie my free dinner!

Those horrendous words define the newest innovation in the real estate coaching field.

Imagine this. Real estate agents, starving for commissions and clients, get together at the request of their coach in the dark recesses of the office meeting room. It’s later in the evening, maybe a few bags of chips and water bottles litter a table. The air conditioning has been off now for a few hours and the room stinks of desperation. They sit, in full attention, like boot camp, staring at the majesty of their leader.

He tells them that what they are going to be presented with is the best lead tool they have ever seen, since the invention of the automobile.

Eyes are bulging with excitement. Running through their minds are thoughts of dollar signs, bills being paid on time, maybe a new car. And a new way to get them to do the things that they hate with every fiber of their being.

You see, 95% of the real estate industry knocks on your door, litters your front lawn with postcard crap, and cold calls you until you want to call the police.

I call them the “95 percenter’s”, the “95’ers” for short.

That’s who filled the meeting room that hot summer evening. The 95’ers.

And, CLIENT BINGO is the most innovative new technique they are embroiled in right, now all over the country.

Here’s how it works.

These 95’ers suction their headphones to their ears – blocking out reality. They log into one of the robo-dialing systems, which can dial up to 5 numbers at a time and whoever picks up gets the honor of talking to these lemmings that night.

When someone answers the call and that agent sets an appointment with the poor soul on the other end of the line, BING BING BING…they get to fill out their Client Bingo Card.

And here’s the kicker. The winning bingo agent that night…he/she gets a gift card for $25 to a local food joint.

For shit’s sake.

It actually makes me sad to report this to you, but I felt it important enough for you to know what goes on behind      the curtains of the 95’ers.

They are treating you as unknowing contestants of a game show. Using you for the sole purpose of winning a free steak dinner. And a cheap steak at that.

Do you feel differently knowing this? Will you treat them differently now the next time you get a call from one of these agent/game show hosts?

Well, let’s take this a little further.

If the best these 95’ers have in their toolbox is to create game shows, cold call, knock on your doors, and hand out postcards of past sales (sales which are primarily not their own), do you think they are physically and mentally able to create a superior approach and plan for the sale of your home when the time comes?

Do you think they are capable of creating a detailed, tailored, strategic step-by-step approach to bring you, as the client, a superior result?

Absolutely not. The 95’ers don’t have the capacity for that.

You are either a game show host focused on a free meal or a real estate professional bringing proven superior results to your clients.

You can’t be both. And 95% of the agents are focused on the free meal.

Now, they might be very nice people. I will assume that.

But, merely being a nice person only gets you a nice conversation.

A nice person is someone I would hire to help with paperwork. That is where their limits take them. They don’t have the mind space to actually create a specific approach to yield incredible results for a client.

I was reminded of this fact just a few weeks ago.

We received a call from John and Jodi. They invited us to come over and talk about the potential sale of their home. They were interviewing 5 agents, including us. Prior to our appointment, as we do, we forwarded them a copy of our book, which documents our approach and warns them of the fundamental mistakes most people make when selling their home, along with a couple recent case studies illustrating the approach at work.

When we sat at their dining room table, we were immediately compared to the other 4 agents that were previously in the same seat as we were. Our book was sitting on the corner of the table, dog-eared, highlighted and written in.

I love seeing that. We see that all the time and it makes me happy. If you want to grab a copy and check it out go HERE.

They had a bunch of questions about our approach, what we do, and why it’s different. We went through it with them and how it has continually produced superior results.

It’s like a mathematical formula. We put in the data, and the approach delivers the correct answer every time.

And the answer here, is more profit for John and Jodi.

It began to resonate very quickly with John and Jodi that what we do is superior, while the other 4 agents were exactly the same.

I remember Jodi saying something like this, “The other agents said they were going to put a sign up, put it in the MLS and do some really great marketing on Facebook. They thought we could get $1,250,000 for the house.”

First, I commented how their marketing plans all sound awfully similar to one another. That’s because the 95’ers don’t have any other options. They don’t have the capacity for anything more than that which is being taught to 95% of real estate agents out there.

Because it’s easy. It can be duplicated again and again without thought or effort.

And second, based on our documented approach, we told John and Jodi that, if they followed all of the steps and recommendations we believed we could achieve a price closer to $1,300,000.

They agreed, we got to work, applied the methods of our approach. John and Jodi agreed with all of the recommendations. This process took about a month to prepare for market. The home was on the market for 7 days, obtained 4 offers and 45 days later closed at a price of $1,292,000, $42,000 more than the game show hosts estimated.

You see, we never want our clients to go through the hassle, time and expense of selling their home without a solid, strategic plan and approach being executed – and one that has been proven with superior results.

We believe that going into something as big as selling your home with anything less than that is malpractice.

And malpractice is exactly what the 95’ers are practicing.

 P.S. John gave us a testimonial the day after his home closed, and there was a part of it I will never forget. He said, “How could any other agent not have an approach like Jay and Michelle used to sell our house recently? It got us more money than we ever imagined we would get and Jodi and I felt that they have [sp] us covered the entire time. I am now creating a new approach in my own business. There really is no other way.”


ABOUT THEM – Jay & Michelle Lieberman have been called “provocative and entertaining,” but also “committed philanthropists”. Entrepreneurs and relentless innovators of the real estate industry, creators of the “Value-Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate”, founders of the Conejo Valley Teacher Only Program, hosts of the Conejo Valley Advice Givers Podcast Show, and attorneys and real estate brokers at Keller Williams World Class in Southern California. They feel honored and blessed every day they are able to serve their clients, their family, friends and their community. You can reach them at

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