The Statistics Of A Beggar

The Statistics Of A Beggar

By Jay Lieberman

There’s an agent out in my area who literally makes my skin crawl. He pridefully publishes his stats every year.

Stats that most agents pop Champaign over.

This is success for them.

His stats:

He made 176,041 calls.

Talked to people on the phone for 446 hrs, 17 mins, 9 secs.

Made 8,448 contacts (these are people that simply answered the phone).

His success:

For every 100 contacts made, he get 3 “leads.”

For every 300 “leads” he gets, he gets 1 listing.

So, the 8,448 contacts he made / 100 = 84.48 X 3 = 253 “leads.”

He spent about 19 days on the phone and got 0.84 listings.

Plus, he got the added bonus of destroying his reputation & character by being perceived as a beggar and likely destroying his soul.

But other than that, what’s not to like?


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